Isokinetic Strengthening Exercises

Isokinetic exercises are resistance-based exercises that involve the use of special exercise equipment, which provides variable resistance to a movement and allows muscles to contract at constant speeds. This ensures, that no matter how much effort is exerted, the exercise movements take place at a constant speed. Isokinetic exercises are how we identify, treat and document physical impairments that cause functional limitations.

Isokinetic exercises test and improve muscular strength and endurance, especially after an injury. Isokinetic exercises allow patients to achieve the highest degree of muscle contraction while also promoting free range of movement of their limbs. The main benefits of isokentic exercises are:

  • Muscles gain strength evenly all through the range of movement.
  • Range of motion is greatly improved.
  • It is the fastest way to increase muscle strength.
  • Isokinetic exercises promote the release of endorphins, which will help people feel rejuvenated and energetic instead of feeling fatigued.

Because the amount of resistance can be controlled, it is possible to set the level so that the body is challenged but not in danger of straining or pulling the muscles. The movements help to promote changes in the tension ratio between muscles and tendons, which helps to promote strengthening as well as expansion.