Physical Therapy Treatments

Guided by the assessment findings, the physical therapist will then develop and facilitate a treatment plan. Aside from the various physiotherapeutic techniques involved in therapy, the treatment regime may include prescribing and advice regarding assistive technology including mobility aids, standing frames, and walking devices. The physical therapist should consider functional progress; and include ongoing review and refinement. Patient education is a key aspect of all treatment plans.

It is difficult to explore the many aspects of physiotherapeutic treatment options, especially considering their ongoing development in the face of an increasing research base. Nonetheless, some examples of treatment options are listed below.

Musculoskeletal (Orthopaedic) Physical Therapy

Musculoskeletal (Orthopaedic) physiotherapists are able to diagnose, treat and using the range of techniques outlined below help with prevention of pain/pathology.

Various therapeutic physical therapy modalities are available, including exercise prescription (strength, motor control, stretching and endurance), manual therapy techniques like joint mobilization/manipulation, soft tissue massage, and various forms of so-called “electrophysical agents” (such as cryotherapy, heat therapy, iontophoresis and electrotherapy).

Nowadays, in various countries physiotherapists are specializing in orthopaedic medicine. Those people can use diagnostic and therapeutic infiltration/injections to various soft tissue and joints. They are trained to diagnose and treat various orthopaedic conditions.

Despite ongoing research giving a clearer picture regarding the use of various modalities in specific conditions, the benefits of electrotherapy are widely debated. The practice of physical therapy should not be defined by the use of modalities but rather the integration of examination, history, analysis and restoration of movement dysfunction.

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