We use Stem Cell Laser which is a regenerative therapy. It has the potential to replace the damaged and non-functional cells in the brain of hemiplegic patients which provides support to the remaining neurons and oligodendrocytes

Parkinson’s Disease

In this treatment, Our Stem Laser Therapy helps to introduce new dopamine cells in the brain which may help replace what is lost in Parkinson’s Disease and reduce its symptoms

Neck Pain

The procedure of this treatment is done by using Stem Cell Laser Therapy in which we use laser light for the stimulation of stem cells in the body. The procedure is safe and we do not use any invasive or harmful surgeries

Back Pain

The treatment of back pain involves Stem Laser Therapy in which we target all the stem cells in the body without the need for invasive surgeries. The lymph nodes are also targeted to enhance the results


Arthritis is treated by Stem Cell Laser Therapy in which activation of stem cells in the body is done through the laser light safely. The patients do not feel anything as everything is done on their skin through the laser which is harmless

Sports Injuries

We treat a wide variety of sports injuries such as damage to tendons, muscles, ligaments and cartilage through Stem Cell Therapy. Dramatical changes can be seen after our Stem Laser Therapy procedure in which healing, and regeneration process increases remarkably